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African Mahogany

Species:  Khaya Ivorensis
Family:  Meliaceae
Common names:  Nigerian Mahogany, Khaya Mahogany, Lagos Mahogany, Acajou, Candoro, Lagos Wood
Imported Hardwood
Regions:  Ghana, Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon

FSC Certified Available Upon Request


Product Description

African Mahogany

Description:  The heartwood color varies from light to deep reddish-brown, occasionally with a purple hue. This exotic wood is very strong with straight to interlocked grain that is moderately coarse textured to medium.
Uses:  Musical instruments and components, furniture and cabinet making, interior joinery, boat building and vehicle bodies, paneling and flooring.

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FSC Certified available upon request.
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Image used by permission of The Wood Database.